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In addition to your timing package, Racing Underground can provide online registration, triathlon packet building, bike racks, event fencing, and other items to finish your event in style.
Optional Items

Take your event to the next level with some of the great options that we offer. Racing Underground is not an online registration or equipment rental company, nor do we have the desire to become either of these.

We can, however, provide race equipment that is available exclusively for events timed by Racing Underground. We also work closely with imAthlete, and can set up and manage your online registration free of charge to you!

We also have an impressive suite of results options that will make your event stand out! Check back, as we are always adding new features to the services that we offer. These items can be requested separately, or we can bundle several of them into a package for you.

Announcer Computer: An announcer computer, with live feed from 50 yards before the finish line allows you to announce each participant's name and other details as they approach the finish line! Participant names will pop up on the scree for your announcer, and definitely adds a professional feel to your event.

Live Online Results: Longer events, like Half Marathons, Marathons, and races with multiple timing points (like triathlons) can certainly benefit from live online results. Friends and family of your participants will tune in to check on the progress of their athletes!

Finisher Certificates: Your participants will love the option to print a full color finisher certificate following their event. We can add personal finisher certificates with your race logo and website address to our results page for your finishers can print and display.

Personal Finisher Video: When your participant clicks on their name in the results, they can view a video of their own finish. How cool is that!

Results Trailer: Each of our enclosed event trailers are equipped with an awning and three external television mounts to provide your participants with a live results center! Video screens can display scrolling age group results, individual participant results, or finish line video on time-delay, allowing participants to view their own finish. (Photos coming soon!)

Results Kiosk: A self-serve results station, where your finishers can enter their bib number via a keypad and view their results instantly without looking for them on a posted results list. Kiosks can display results on a video screen, or they can print a paper receipt with the athlete's finish time, place, and splits (if applicable). Results kiosks can also allow spectators to check on the current status of the athletes they are there to watch! Typically results kiosks are used in conjunction with the race trailer. (Photos coming soon!)

Event Barricade Fencing: We have 1,000 feet of metal barricade fencing loaded on our fence trailer. Fencing is great for controlling pedestrian traffic, enhancing the look and feel of your finish line, and for the security of your transition area. (Photos coming soon!)

Bike Racks: A necessity for any triathlon or duathlon, our quick set-up bike racks are loaded and ready for your event. We have enough racks for 1,000 bikes. (Photos coming soon!)

Bib Numbers and Pins: We can provide your event with free bib numbers from one of our partners, or we can order custom bibs for you for an additional fee.