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Spectators on Bike Route

For the safety of the participants, we ask that all spectators avoid driving out onto the bike course during the race. There will be plenty of action near the transition and finish areas all morning long. If our course marshals feel that a spectator causes an unsafe condition on the bike route, the participant(s) that they are supporting will be disqualified from the event.


Q: How do we start, when everyone is doing something different?
A: That's the most frequently asked question we receive! It's really quite simple. Runners, Cyclists, and Swimmers line up in three separate groups just outside the transition area. When the start siren goes off, swimmers run down to the water's edge and start their swim, cyclists pedal down the road, and runners sprint for the bike path. The race has begun!!! There will be separate starts for the men and women to accommodate to avoid congestion during the swim!

Q: Are there any cutoff times I need to be aware of?

Yes - the cutoff times are new in 2014, but before you get too worried, you should know that these cutoff times would have affected less than a dozen people in all 10 previous years combined. This year you must START the swim or the bike less than 2 hours after the start of your wave. There is no cutoff for starting the run. The cutoff times were instituted for safety reasons, so that our bike and swim safety teams can know for certain that the final swimmers and bikers have entered the swim or bike courses. As you can imagine, tracking 500 athletes who are all doing their race in a different order is a daunting task, and these cutoff times add another layer of safety.

Q: If I am doing a 2-sport event, do I start with the triathletes who are doing three?
A: Yes, just remember there will be separate starts for the men and women. Women will start 7 minutes after the men

Q: How cold is the water - do I need a wetsuit?
A: Depending on the weather we've been having, the water temperature can be in the low to mid 70's. Most participants who swim as their first leg will wear a wetsuit, but it is really a matter of personal preference. Those who swim as their second or third leg of the race typically do not wear a wetsuit. You can rent a wetsuit at any Runners Roost location. Be sure to reserve yours EARLY

Q: How does a two-sport event work?
A: Two sport participants will choose one of the swim, bike, or run disciplines that they will complete twice, and another that they will complete once. This allows you to skip one of the triathlon disciplines, but it means you will complete one of the courses twice during the course of the event. For example, if you choose swim, run, swim - you will swim a lap of the 750 meter swim course, then you will run a lap of the 3.5 mile run course, then you will complete another 750 meter swim for a total of 1,500 meters of swimming and 3.5 miles of biking. You will return to the transition area at the conclusion of each discipline. Upon completing of your final event, you will return to transition, then run or walk 200 meters to the finish line and post-race party!

Event Rules

All standard triathlon rules will be in effect for this event. Please be familiar with them, as you will be responsible for following them. Race rules include, but are not limited to, the following:


1. Treat other athletes, volunteers, and officials with courtesy No Unsportsmanlike Conduct!

2. You must know and complete the entire course.

3. No outside assistance.

4. Always have race number and body marking visible

5. No glass will be permitted in transition or anywhere on the course.

6. Headphones, iPods, etc. are forbidden during any portion of the event. Penalties will vary from 3 minutes to disqualification.


1. Start in your designated wave. Wave start times will be posted at packet pick-up and also on race morning.

2. Wetsuits will be allowed; fins, paddles, buoys, or other devices are forbidden.


1. Ride to the Right Side of your lane, except to pass.

2. Drafting WILL NOT be allowed. You must keep at least three bike lengths between you and the rider ahead of you. Any attempt to pass must be completed within 15 seconds.

3. Helmets must be buckled BEFORE mounting the bike, and may not be unbuckled at any time while on the bike.

4. Ipods and headphones must not be worn and will result in disqualification.


1. Your bib number MUST BE VISIBLE at the finish of the event for our back-up timers to record you.

2. Your bib number must be visible on the run course for our photographers to identify you.

3. Please wear your bib number on the front during the run.

4. No Ipods or headphones may be worn on the run. Use of an Ipod or headphones will result in a 3 minute penalty.