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Triathlon (swim, bike & run)
Aquathlon (swim & run)
Aquabike (swim & bike)
Duathlon (run & bike)
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Two-Sport Options

There are six different two-sport options for those of you who would rather skip your weakest discipline. If you would rather do all three (swim, bike, and run), just CLICK HERE.


  • Run-Bike-Run
  • Bike-Run-Bike


  • Run-Swim-Run
  • Swim-Run-Swim


  • Swim-Bike-Swim
  • Bike-Swim-Bike

The cutoff time for STARTING the swim or the bike is 2 hours after the start of your wave. Please keep this in mind when selecting your order. There is no cutoff time for starting the run.

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How does a 2-sport event work? This is another frequently asked question. All participants who choose a 2-sport option will still have a race that is composed of three legs. Unlike the triathlon, where participants do a swim, bike, and run, two-sport athletes must choose one event they will do twice, and one that they will do once. For the event you choose to do twice, you will complete the entire course for that discipline two times. For example, if you choose the Swim-Bike-Swim Aquabike option, you will first swim 750 meters, then bike 12.4 miles (20K), then swim another 750 meters. For the Bike-Run-Bike Duathlon, you will bike 12.4 miles, run 3.5 miles, then bike another 12.4 miles. Remember, no matter what order you choose, upon completing the final leg of the race, you will exit transition and run 200 meters to the finish line.