The Mile-High Duathlon Series makes a great starting point for the multisport rookie - in fact nearly 2,000 first timers have made their duathlon debuts in the series!!! Sure, we attract some of the top amateur and professional duathletes in Colorado and the United States, but our events are truly designed to provide an environment that welcomes newcomers to the sport!

No racing bike or special equipment is required - in fact many recreational duathletes do fine on their mountain bikes. As long as you have a bike, a helmet, and a pair of running shoes, you will be able to complete this training and compete in the series!

So, whether you are just deciding to enter your very first multisport race, or you are still new to the sport and would like to design a more structured training routine, the Racing Underground Duathlon Training Plan is a great way to achieve your goal!

And while this plan is certainly not for the hard-core duathlete, most recreational duathlon competitors will benefit from the structured approach to training this program provides.

Low-Key Duathlon Training Plan

The Low-Key Duathlon Training Program is just that, a low-key program that will get you ready to complete your first multisport race. This plan is designed to give you a basic idea what you will need to do in your training, but it leaves the actual workouts up to you.

This plan is a great option for those of you who view training as more of a social thing, or who hate to feel like you HAVE to do a specific workout on a specific day. It allows you to be a little more random in your approach to training.

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Structured Duathlon Training Plan

The Structured Duathlon Training Plan is geared toward the athlete who is more performance oriented, or who prefers to have set workouts on set days. A structured training plan will keep your training on track - especially if you are the type of athlete who is prone to skipping your workouts if they are not set in stone.

The plan is individualized for each of you, and will take some time for you to design. The training plan includes a Training Guide that will help you design your own duathlon training program based on your answers to a short questionnaire.

The guide then uses worksheets to help you to create a fun plan that balances duathlon training with your work, family, and other obligations. We understand that duathlon is just a small part of your life, therefore this program is based on QUALITY TRAINING, not high mileage!

The plan is divided into 3 stages that will take you from winter base training into the racing season. It will have you ready to do your best once the racing season rolls along.

This program is provided in 3 parts.
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