The Barkin' Dog Duathlon is the first race in the 2013 Mile High Duathlon Series. All abilities are welcome! Enter one race, or Du all three!


The Barkin' Dog Duathlon will offer the option to compete in the standard 5K/30K/5K format, or the choice to race a shorter course (1.2 mile run, 12.5 mile bike, 5K run).

Both courses take place within beautiful Cherry Creek State Park, and on the Cherry Creek Dam Road (closed to traffic) conveniently located on the south side of the Denver metro area.

DUE TO DAMAGE FROM THE SEPTEMBER 2013 FLOODS, WE HAVE RE-ROUTED THE COURSE FOR THE 2014 BARKIN' DOG DUATHLON. Repair to park roads was scheduled to be completed months ago, however changes in the groundwater on parts of the course have extended the project beyond Barkin' Dog weekend. We have been monitoring the construction for the past few months, and have permitted an alternate bike route which leaves the park, and utilizes the Cherry Creek Dam Road, which will be closed to traffic during the race. Projections now have construction continuing into the summer months, so we have made the decision to use the alternate route. You will find details and course maps below.

RUN COURSE: Click for a Run Course Map Run courses follow a mix of road, paved bike path, and well maintained dirt trails. The 5K run is a loop course, with a short out & back segment to bring the course up to an exact 5K distance. The loop will be run in a clockwise direction for Run-1, and a counter-clockwise direction for lap-2. There will be 2 aid stations on the 5K loop. Short course athletes will complete a 1.2 mile out & back run on Run-1. Run-2 will be the same for long & short course athletes.

BIKE COURSE: Click for a Bike Course Map The bike courses for both races will exit the park via the west park entrance, and follow the Cherry Creek Dam Road east to a 3-lane wide turn-around point. The Cherry Creek Dam Road will be closed to traffic for the duration of the event, and provides spectacular views of the park and the mountain skyline.

Short course riders will complete 2 laps of the Cherry Creek Dam Road circuit before returning to the park for a total ride of 12.5 miles. Long course riders will complete three laps before returning to the park, for a total ride of 30K or 18.6 miles. There will be a timing point at the east end of the course to confirm that all riders have completed the appropriate number of laps. A time clock displaying time of day will be placed at the east turn-around to assist you with counting laps. Waves have been assigned and timed to minimize congestion on the bike course.

Please be considerate of other racers. It is important that you keep to the right side of the road, except to pass. Motorcycle marshals will be on course to enforce this rule.