Moab Spring Race FAQs

We are continually updating the FAQs list on this page. If you don't see your question answered here of on therace website, please email Nellie at or call 970-389-4838 (Expect 3 days for return phone calls, I will not return calls with questions that are answered on the website.)

What are the rules for the Duathlon and Triathlon?
Please follow all USAT Triathlon and Duathlon off-road rules. Helmet required on bikes, walk or jog bikes through transition area, avoid damaging the desert soil adjacent to singletrack while passing, and no headphones. (These rules are in addition to the normal, ethically-correct rules of fair racing and good sportsmanships.)

How will I know what my swim heat is?
Swim heats are assigned based on your estimated swim time for the 1k swim. Up to 4 swimmers will be assigned to each lane, and we do our best to make sure all swimmers are of equal ability. Swim heats are assigned on the Wednesday before the race, and they are posted to the race website that afternoon.

Are Relay Teams allowed in the Triathlon and Duathlon?
We have a category for duathlon relays, with one runner and one mountain biker making up the team. We will not be offering a triathlon relay in 2019.

Can I start in the same wave as my friend?
If you would like to start with a friend, you should sign up for the same wave during the registration process. Remember, wave starts are grouped by ability level. If you plan to split up and run your own pace after the start, you should probably start in different waves since the wave start is designed to reduce passing on the desert singletrack.

Is there a discount if I sign up for Saturday's Duathlon or Triathlon and Sunday's run?
If you plan to race on Saturday and Sunday, shoot us an email before registering and we can give you a discount code for doing the Double. The discount only applies to one athlete doing both events.

I am slow. Can I still do the race even if I walk?
All athletes are welcome to join us, however we do have cutoff times to complete the course.

Is it OK to walk during the run or bike portion of the duathlon or triathlon?
Yes, walking is perfectly OK as long as you complete the course within the cutoff times. It is likely that any section that you choose to walk will also be walked by other participants in the race.

What kind of shoes should I wear?
Shoe choice is really a matter of personal preference and what you typically run in. The course is a mix of smooth dirt singletrack, smooth and rough sections of slickrock, and stretches that are very rough and rocky. You will see runners out there in road shoes and trail shoes, however most will choose to wear trail shoes.

I can't make it to Friday packet pickup. Can I pick up my packet on race morning.
Obviously if you are participating in the swim, you will need to come to the Friday packet pickup. If you are participating in the Run or the Du/Tri events then yes, you can pick up your packet on race morning beginning at 7:00am.

What is your refund and transfer policy?
Our refund and transfer policy offers many options for those of you who can't make it to the race for one reason or another. The policy options are covered in the next few questions to make it easier to choose what works best for you.

Can I defer my entry to next year?
We encourage you to defer your entry to next year if you can't make it this year. There is a $15 deferral fee and you will be given a code to enter for next year. You may defer on the website using the 'Manage Registration' tab. You will need your confirmation number. You must take care of deferring at least 10 days prior to the event. No deferrals after February 20th.

Can I get a refund?
If you would like a refund, there are two options you can choose from.
1) You may purchase the optionsl refund insurance during online registration through IMAthlete. The imAthlete refund insurance will refund your full registration fee for most reasons. If you purchase the refund insurance, you will receive an email with the full policy details and you will have the option to cancel the policy if you decide it isn't right for you.
2) If you choose not to use the refund insurance, you can request a 50% refund of your entry fee if you make the request by February 1st. No refund requests will be honored after Feb. 1st. The IMathlete admin fee is non-refundable. Email to request a refund. All refunds will be processed after the event. Please be aware, you cannot request this 50 percent refund option and also request a refund from the imAthlete insurance plan.

Can I transfer my entry to a friend?
Yes, you can transfer your entry to another person if you do so by February 20th.: No Transfers after February 20th. There will be a $15 transfer fee applied, plus any price difference if upgrading distances. No refund of the price difference if the transfer is to a shorter distance event, such as from the Half Marathon to the 8k. You may transfer on the IMathlete site using the “manage registration” tab. You will need your confirmation number.

Can I switch to a different distance?
You may switch from Half Marathon to 8K, or vice-versa, and back again, and again.....if you wish. $5 fee per switch plus the price difference if upgrading to a longer distance. No refund of price difference if downgrading to a shorter distance. You may switch on the site using the 'manage registration' tab. You will need your confirmation number.

Why are there no refunds the month before the race and no transfers or deferrals 10 days before the race?:
There is more to a race than meets the eye. Several weeks before the race we have already paid for your insurance, t-shirt, permit fees (from 4 different government agencies and private property owners), medals, timing, goodie bag, and other event supplies. 10 days before the race we have prepared your bib with your chip and ordered your aid station and finish line food and drinks, and have paid and trained our staff. It is hard to replace your spot 10 days before because those who might take your spot need more time to prepare for the race and travel; it's too late for them to commit. Mostly though, the 10 days before the race we are busy preparing the course and all the other logistics that go into making the race happen, so we don't have time to 'deal' with last minute requests. Additionally, we can't have you 'just' use another person's bib; for safety reasons. Your bib/chip has your personal information that we need in case of an emergency (which on these courses is taken very seriously) and also it's not fair to those who care about their results (and WE care) when you don't race as yourself. We will make effort to assure the results are accurate and that bibs are not illegally transferred. A race bib is not a ticket: you have signed up and signed a waiver to participate in a very difficult endeavor. The month before the race we always hear about a large number of injuries, funerals, horrible medical diagnosis', weather issues, unforeseen work commitments, etc. We really are very sorry about these things, but please understand NOW, before you sign up, that these things can happen and you risk losing your entry fee. Please purchase the insurance through IMathlete when you register if you foresee any reason you might not be able to make it! (Are you injury prone? Do you have a friend or relative in poor health? Might you get pregnant? Might your kids have a pending commitment? Vehicle in poor maintenance or possible poor road conditions getting to Moab? Ask yourself these questions (and actually double check their policies…) and purchase the refund insurance policy if your answer is yes! And know that our options and policies are much more generous than most other races.... Thanks for understanding!