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The Racing Underground Community was created at the start of the COVID crisis to bring together the members of the Colorado running and multisport communities. It gives you the opportunity to share and compare your training and the places you run and ride with other club members. Whether you are training for your first 5k or your tenth Ironman, you are welcome here!!!

One of our fun features is our FREE Virtual races. These were held weekly through late summer, when in-person races began. We will create additional free virtual events when we see a drop-off in in-person offerings.

Darrin, Jill,and the Racing Underground Crew



The weekend weather is looking sunny and seasonably warm. Who is up for a bicycle time trial up Lookout Mountain in Golden?

The route is the 4.54 mile Pillars to Post route. The Pillars to post route starts just west of downtown Golden on Lookout Mountain Road. It is easy to spot the start line, flanked by two tall stone pillars just before the first switchback. From there, cyclists climb 1274 feet in elevation, finishing at the sign that marks the entrance to Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave. Don’t be fooled in the last quarter mile, where you will encounter a gradual downhill stretch before the final hundred uphill yards to the finish.

This route is popular with cyclists and it is also popular with tourists, so ride with caution and please ride single file on the right side of the road and avoid riding in groups. There will be cars, cyclists, motorcyclists, and often skate boarders on the road. This is not an organized event, and there is no traffic control or medical support. You are just doing your usual weekend ride at Lookout Mountain, and you are submitting your time when you have completed it.

You can do your ride From Friday December 4th through Monday December 7th. Times must be submitted to the RESULTS WEBSITE no later than 11:59pm on Monday December 7th.

REGISTRATION (click here): Please register for the Lookout Mountain Climb Trial no later than 10:00pm on Thursday December 3rd. We will populate the RESULTS PAGE with all entrant names on Friday morning. Once you have completed our ride, simply click the “Edit Time” link next to your name and enter your time.

TEAM COMPETITION (optional): Let’s make this fun by adding a Team Competition. Be sure to enter your Club Name (if applicable). We will add together the times of the top-3 riders on your team to come up with your team time. Team riders must submit GPS proof when you submit your time (set your privacy settings for this ride to public or everyone so we can all see it). If you are not riding as part of a team, then GPS proof is optional.

GPS TRACKING: GPS tracking is optional (unless you are part of the team competition). If you ride with a GPS device or have a GPS app on your smartphone, you will have the option of entering a link to your ride when you submit your time. Again, this is completely optional unless you would like to be included in the team competition. Please enter the ENTIRE URL for this activity, including https://. You must also set the privacy settings for this specific ride so that it can be seen by everyone.

FREE Weekly Virtual Race Series
Run and Bike Options


During the COVID-19 self quarantine period, we will be hosting FREE WEEKLY VIRTUAL RUNNING RACES AND BIKE TIME TRIAL RACES. Distances will vary each week, and we'll be awarding free race entries to random finishers from each race.

Series events run from Monday through noon on the following Sunday. You must register for each week separately. Registration for each week closes at noon on the Sunday before. Registration is always free, however we do accept optional donations to organizations that we support with our events. Donations are appreciated, but not expected or required.

Week #1 April 6-12

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost: Free
10k Bike - Cost: Free
Both Run & Bike - Cost: Free

Week #2 April 13-19

Race Options:

2 Mile Run - Cost: Free
10 Mile Run - Cost: Free
15 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #3 April 20-26

Race Options:

1 Mile Downhill Run - Cost: Free
10 Mile Bike - Cost: Free
Both Run & Bike - Cost: Free

Week #4 April 27-May 3

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost: Free
20 Mile Run - Cost: Free
20k (12.4 mile) Bike - Cost: Free

Week #5 May 4-10

Race Options:

4 Mile Run - Cost: Free
10k Bike - Cost: Free
25 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #6 May 11-17

Race Options:

2 Mile Steeplechase - Cost: Free
3 Mile Run - Cost: Free
10 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #7 May 18-24

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost: Free
10 Mile Run - Cost: Free
15k (9.3 Mile) Bike - Cost: Free

Week #8 May 25-31

Race Options:

2 Mile Run - Cost: Free
20k (12.4 Mile) Run - Cost: Free
15 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #9 June 1-7

Race Options:

6k (3.73 miles) Run - Cost: Free
15 Mile Run - Cost: Free
13.1 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #10 June 8-14

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost: Free
10k Bike - Cost: Free
Both Run & Bike - Cost: Free

Week #11 June 15-21

Race Options:

3k (1.86 mile) Run - Cost: Free
8 Mile Run - Cost: Free
10 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Week #12 June 22-28

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost: Free
30k (18.6 mile) Run - Cost: Free
20k (12.4 mile) Bike - Cost: Free

Week #13 June 29-July 5

Race Options:

4 Mile Run - Cost: Free
10k Bike - Cost: Free
Both - Cost: Free

Week #14 July 6-12

Race Options:

5k Run - Cost:Free
Marathon Stage Race -Cost: Free
20 Mile Bike - Cost: Free

Series Details

Our Community Race Series will offer a virtual run and a virtual bike race starting on Monday every week. Participants will run or ride on a course of their choosing, preferably in their own neighborhood, and submit their results on the race results page for that week's event. Instructions for submitting results are listed below.

Registration is taken online only, but there is no registration fee. Registration for each week will close at noon on the Sunday before the start of that week's series. You will have until noon on the following Sunday to complete your run or ride and post your results to the race results page.

We will post the names of all entrants for the upcoming week on the results page on Sunday evening. It is your responsibility to post your results before the Sunday noon deadline each week. Posting is quick and easy

How to Submit Your Finish Time

  • Open the results page for the current week (link is in the right sidebar on this web page)
  • Click on the 'Edit Time' link next to your name on the results page
  • Enter your birth date to verify it is you
  • Enter the time it took you to complete your run or ride
  • If you run with a GPS watch or fitness app on your phone, we encourage you to upload the weblink to your course map from the app (not required). Your course map will be viewable for everyone to see. We accept personal map links from the following fitness apps ... Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, Polar, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, MovesCount, EndoMondo and TomTom Sports.
  • If you included a link to your course map, please make sure it is set to public so it can be viewed by others.

If you don't have a GPS tracker but wish you did, you can download the Strava app to your phone for free at

Results will be calculated in the following age categories: 9 & Under, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, and 90+.

We will not be presenting awards based on finish time since everyone is using a different course, but we will be giving out free race entries and gift certificates to random finishers each week from our sponsors and races timed by Racing Underground. We urge you to support these great local events and businesses when the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted.

Contact Us

Most questions are answered right here on the race website. If you can't find the answer here, please feel free to email or call us!

Email: to

Phone: 303.642.7917 (this is a home phone - Call between 8am and 8pm only, please!)

Other Great Events: Check out our website at to learn about our other exciting running and multisport events!

We have created a Racing Underground Community Strava Club that we are encouraging everyone to join. See what other Colorado runners, cyclists, and triathletes are doing to stay in shape while social distancing.


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Series Beneficiaries

The Racing Underground Community Race Series accepts donations for these great organizations. We understand that money is tight for many of you, and donations are completely optional, but if you have a few bucks to spare, please consider a donation when you register.

ALPINE RESCUE: The mission of Alpine Rescue Team is to ensure all-weather, 24/7, search and rescue response. Alpine Rescue Team responds to emergencies such as avalanches, lost hikers, high-altitude/vertical rescues and/or other situations in Colorado's mountainous terrain. Alpine Rescue Team's assistance is always given free of charge! In case of emergency simply dial 911 and help will be dispatched.

ATHLETES IN TANDEM: Athletes in Tandem pairs able-bodied athletes with physically challenged individuals to allow them to experience the thrill of participating in endurance sport events, from local 5k runs to Ironman triathlons.

BOULDER EXPEDITION: Boulder Expedition is a middle school program at two local schools. The kids raise funds year-round (including at many Racing Underground events) to take a week-long experiential learning trip each spring. They are great kids, and this is a great program that we care deeply about.

CU TRIATHLON TEAM: The CU Triathlon Club is a diverse, student group at the University of Colorado at Boulder. The team has won 18 national championships. The triathlon club is not a school funded sport. They rely on member dues, sponsorship, and donations to exist.

CHERRY CREEK HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT SENATE: CCHS's student government exists to train and empower young leaders as problem-solvers. They volunteer at many Racing Underground events to earn money and have lost two fundraising opportunities due to the coronavirus in April.


Every week we will be awarding free race entries from our fantastic event partners by random drawing!!! Once you submit your virtual race time, you will be entered in that week's drawing.

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